Bella Chiara Styled Shoot – Cape Town

This day is an incredibly fond memory. I was lucky enough to be one part of a four woman effort, in putting together the styled shoot for my talented friend Claire’s bridal accessory company, Bella Chiara. We had the lovely Natassja Hammer braving the chilly Cape Town wind to model for us (this girl has a smile that mirrors her beautiful heart to a tee), and my favourite partner in crime, Janine Chantal, working her make up *GENUIS* to complete the look we all worked so hard to create! I’ll never cease to be proud of what we as young women can achieve we dream big and work hard – the future is bright …

Service Providers: Make Up Artistry By Janine Chantal; Bella Chiara Bridal Accessories; Stellenbosch Bridal Boutique; Natassja Michelle; The Book Lounge

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Gerald & Tina’s Engagement Shoot – Stellenbosch

Goodness, gracious me, I love these two!!! You won’t find a more relaxed, fun-loving and genuinely warm couple without an incredibly hard search. And as if we didn’t click well enough before we met for their forest engagement shoot, they rocked up that afternoon bearing two bottles of wine … you know? Because we can take breaks in between and have a drink. Obviously. Needless to say, they won me over heart and soul! Aside from all this, they’re both terribly easy on the eyes, and therefore the lens too…it’s no work at all to photograph such pretty peoplesJ Gerald and Tina, I’m so excited to be a part of your wedding next month – it’s going to be just as special as the two of you. Bring on October! Let’s do this!!! Xxx

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Wolhuter & Zuzara’s Wedding – Houw Hoek Inn, Grabouw

What could I possibly say about this wedding that could be briefly fitted into an introductory paragraph? Should I reminisce about having known the bride since we were both little girls who danced in a Mary Poppins Ballet together at the Playhouse Theatre, or maybe go into a reverie about the décor, theme, and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of this superb wedding? Perhaps shake my head and laugh at the memories of overwhelming chaos and energy, passion and love that only an Italian family could bring to this kind of event … and just as wonderful, remember this as the first wedding my little sister assisted me on. Wollie & Zuzara’s nuptials were exactly the reason I do the job I do, and make me love it with every fibre of my being. There is no way to put into words the perfection of a day like this … so we rely on photographs to bring back the emotions and recollection of everything that cannot be verbalised, and more than any of the tangible aspects, the absolute love and adoration that these two have for one another. Wol and Zuzara … I feel so privileged to have been chosen to shoot your wedding day … I was blessed by every moment with you guys – I’m excited to watch your future together unfold. All my love xxx

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Dick & Nolette’s Karoo Wedding, Graaff Reinet

Most families will experience a wedding day or two in their lives. The buzz in the house on the morning of the big day. That happy tension and excitement as last minute preparation is done. Minor disagreements between the bossier relatives on just how much rescue remedy is too much? (Just FYI, the correct answer is that even if they would sell it to you in a drip, there wouldn’t be enough). These moments have all become something I expect to find when I walk into a brides home on her wedding day. Our home, on January 13th 2012, was no exception.

My sister and I walking our mommy down the aisle and giving her away to a man like Dick was a dream come true. Being old enough myself now to understand the joy and pain of loved ones both lost and gained, I’m filled with such hope and appreciation by the love and understanding that they’ve found in one another. It was a blessing to bear witness to the union between two people who I love so very, inexplicably much (both as individuals and also as a couple). Most wonderful of all? When couples merge through second marriages, there’s the added bonus of the fact that whole families merge too…I’ve gained an entire army of wonderful new step brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and even a step great nephew (I think???) Eat your heart out “Modern Family”…our reality show is taking you down! I hope these pictures give you a window into what was a truly special day in all our lives, set against one of my favourite backdrops…the little Karoo town of Graaff Reinet.

{PS If I’m in a photograph, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the one taking it…credit then goes to either my sister Caroline, or my good friend Jess}

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Werner & Marlize’s Wedding – Karnemelksvlei, Citrusdal

The feeling at this wedding was that of a lifelong dream coming true. I can so vividly remember the excitement and enthusiasm that radiated from Marlize all through the planning as well as on her special day…it reminded me that when it comes to weddings, all women revert back to the little girl they were many years before. The dreams of the perfect dress made lovingly by mommy, and being walked down the aisle on dad’s protective arm. A fairy tale brought to life and the chance to be a princess for a day…I hope these images convey some of that magic and joy! xxx

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Most Beautiful Claire Ruth.

I’ve been an incredibly neglectful blogger of late, and I thought it was high time to rectify this and show you all some of the pictures I’ve been holding onto. The very busy wedding season has now drawn to a close, and I’m editing up a storm. Here’s a little shoot I did last January – these pictures never fail to make me smile:)

This beautiful, blue-eyed, pouty-lipped, joyful hearted, piece of baby perfection is little Claire, the daughter of my friends Julian and Helen (sigh, right?). I was around for their wedding, and Helen’s pregnancy too, and finally we got the chance to all spend a weekend together again on their farm outside Bredasdorp. Claire has the sunniest disposition and the sweetest smile and dimples around…an absolute treat to photograph! Enjoy the photo’s and don’t even try not falling in love with her…it won’t work;) xxx

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Watch This Space…

Those of you who follow my work on a regular basis, will know that I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately. This is largely due to the fact that I’m in the process of having a beautiful new blog designed by the talented duo over at Lovelab…and also, slightly, because nobody wants to play with their old toys when they know there are new toys in the cupboard (There. I said it. I’ve become a blog snob. I don’t like my old one, because I’m getting a new one). Fortunately, I had dinner with three delightful ladies last night, who gently removed me from the not-always-reliably-logical place I call my mind, and reminded me that not blogging is, well…dumb. So I am very happy to let you all know, that as of Monday, I will slowly start showing off some of the beautiful images I’ve been keeping under wraps since January. I hope you’ll all pay this page many more visits in the weeks to come, and enjoy spending some time perusing the special occasions that have kept me busy over the last couple of months!

Claire xxx

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